Jewellery Care

Hey Gorgeous!

At TUANZ, we believe about falling in love & Expressing yourself. Your jewellery is nothing but a medium to channel your feelings.

So here are some tips to take care of your precious TUANZ treasures.


Your TUANZ Jewellery is as precious and special as YOU!
It should be the last thing you wear and the first thing you take off. 


Every piece of TUANZ Jewellery is coated with Rhodium to ensure a lasting shine.
These are some additional tips to make sure it stays by your side longer.

Your TUANZ Jewellery is unique, brilliant and charming, just like YOU! To make sure it remains that way, you need to make sure it has a safe home. 

All you have to do is simply store these beautiful pieces in your TUANZ Kit or a Zip Lock Bag. Keep them safe and they'll always be by your side.

Your TUANZ Jewellery is as gentle as YOU are and needs the same love and care.

Perfumes, soap, strong chemicals and excessive humidity are harsh not just for your jewellery, but also for your skin! Best to avoid or at least limit direct contact with them.

Each piece of TUANZ Jewellery is delicate and exquisite, just like YOU! 

Treat your jewellery with kindness as they can be damaged by excessive force. After all, you wouldn't want your love one to be harsh with you either, right?

We all have our home remedies to keep us glowing. Your TUANZ Jewellery is no different, it loves DIY care too!

All you have to do is dampen a cloth in lukewarm water, add a bit of mild soap and rub your jewellery gently. Rinse with clean water, pat dry with a soft cloth and you're done!

Let's be honest, all of us need a bit of touch up from time to time. How could your TUANZ Jewellery not have the same feelings?

Though your beautiful jewellery is sure to maintain its shine for a long time, if you ever need to get it repolished, contact us or your local jeweler. Because some things are best left to professionals.