About Us

Today, when I look around me, business is all about toplines, bottomlines and market capitalisation. But we entered into business in a pre-independent India to build a better India, as our forefathers believed ethical, fair business will make India self-sufficient and strong.

Personally, I believe Tuanz Jewellers' major achievement is the trust we have earned from millions of people across the length and breadth of a huge subcontinent like India, and abroad in the GCC.

We have always believed in fair and transparent business. We have believed that the customer should be understood so well that we know his needs much before he understands them himself. We have believed that an enlightened customer is the best customer. These are the simple principles that have helped us reach where we are today.

Our Key Strengths:

Our family of dedicated distributors & reputed retailers who have contributed to the success of the company. Our reach across India has helped us become the most visible sterling silver jewellery manufacturer to the Indian consumer. Widest variety of Chains, Jewellery & Accessories available under one roof.  This empowers us with a vast knowledge of international designs & trends, which are very visible in our products.

Our Values:

Our management team is driven & mentored by a team of industry veterans giving us technical & commercial advantage, however they also make sure we conduct our business with utmost sincerity, values and code of ethics.

Our Passion to Innovate:

The world of silver jewellery is ever changing with global fashion; we endeavour to keep abreast with best practices and innovation in all aspects from design to marketing and sales.

A few years ago silver jewellery in India was considered to be no more than anklets and toe-rings and was mostly manufactured in unorganized sector and craftsmen gave no reason to maintain purity and consistency. We took this up as a challenge and with our constant efforts, we have enabled and educated our consumers that sterling silver jewellery can be adorned in other forms too. We are seeing the change & general acceptance grow dramatically. We continue drive this change and made is our passion to innovate.