At Tuanz, Honest Prices are more than a strategy; they are a commitment to integrity and fairness. Our customers deserve clarity, and that's exactly what we offer. No smoke and mirrors, no deceptive discounts—just an unwavering dedication to transparency and premium living.

Key Points:

  • Year-Round Fairness:

Tuanz's Honest Prices are not seasonal. We believe in providing reasonable deals every day of the year, ensuring our customers experience the true value of our premium offerings consistently.

  • Premium Quality, No Compromises:

Our prices reflect the uncompromising quality and exquisite design of our furniture. There are no hidden costs or inflated numbers; what you see is the genuine value of our craftsmanship.

  • No Misleading Discounts:

Unlike others, we don't play pricing games. Our commitment to transparency means no misleading discounts. You can trust that our Honest Prices offer real savings without the confusion.

  • Reasonable and Justifiable:

Tuanz's prices are already reasonable, justifiably aligning with the superior quality of our products. Our Honest Prices are a testament to our belief that premium living should be accessible and fair.

  • Eliminating the Need to Bargain:

Our Honest Prices make the shopping experience hassle-free. Customers can trust that they are receiving the best value without the need for negotiations.


Our Honest Prices are fair and transparent, festival or no festival, you get a fair deal on the most exquisite range throughout the year, we do not have any misleading discounts offers with inflated prices. Anything below the Honest Price is unfair, and anything above it is overpriced.

As a customer-first approach, Tuanz constantly strives to improve customer experience, and the Commitment to Honest Pricing strategy becomes a core strategy for the same. 


Our mission is to standardize the pricing in this unorganized segment of the Furniture Industry. This will empower every customer with transparency about their purchases and expenses. We are headstrong about steering clear of misleading customers with exorbitant discounts offered on massively marked-up products.