Have you been thinking about upgrading your jewellery cabinet? You're not sure what kind of jewellery, but you know you can't break your wallet too much.

You should be looking into replacing your current jewellery with sterling silver! Not only is it more affordable than other options, it actually has a lot of other benefits to it.

Keep reading to learn about why sterling silver should be a part of your everyday look!

  1. Hypoallergenic

Have you ever worn a pair of earrings to a nice outing to later feel itchy and uncomfortable? You may be allergic to certain kinds of metal that are in a lot of jewellery pieces!

If that's the case, sterling silver is something that can help you out. If you are allergic to certain metals like nickel, you should consider switching over to sterling silver to keep the itching and uncomfortable feelings at bay.

Before purchasing jewellery that looks like it's sterling silver, make sure to read the label to see if it is solid silver since many items are simply plated.

  1. Always Trending

Trends with jewellery are constantly changing throughout the years. Some years long necklaces are the way to go. Other years, only studs are the right kind of earing to wear if you want to be up with the times.

However, sterling silver is a material that never goes out of style! Silver jewellery will always be in style, especially shorter silver necklaces or silver earrings.

Once you go silver, you'll never have to worry about going back!

  1. Inexpensive Luxury

 If you want to upgrade your jewellery cabinet without spending too much money, you can easily do that with sterling silver.

It is known to be a precious metal but is not as expensive as some of the other options on the market like gold or platinum. Because of this, you'll be looking good without overspending.

  1. Sterling Silver Matches Everything

When you put on an outfit to wear out on a hot date or for a girl's night out, you always have to think about what jewellery will match what you are wearing! But with sterling silver jewellery, you don't have to worry about that.

Whether you're wearing a fancy dress or more casual jean shorts and tennis shoes, it will still go. Whether you're wearing hot pink or dark brown clothes, the sterling silver jewellery will go!

Not only will it match any outfit that you put on, but it will also go well with any other jewellery you choose to wear. If you have a nice gold ring, the sterling silver bracelet you wear will still match the other jewellery.

  1. Collect Different Jewellery

If you're a jewellery lover, sterling silver is easy to find and purchase because of how budget-friendly it is. It's also very easy to find in many stores, from your local department store to a more high-end jewellery store. It's everywhere!

When collecting sterling silver, you will be able to diversify your collection since it comes in so many different designs. If you're mostly into necklaces, you can expand your necklace collection with several different styles of sterling silver necklaces. If you're more into bracelets, you can find all sorts of designs to match your liking.

The best part about collecting sterling silver jewellery is knowing that it won't be going out of style any time soon. That means it makes sense to keep buying more, right!

  1. Tarnish Does Not Mean It's Over

Silver is a type of metal that will naturally tarnish over time. This means that a process called oxidation will turn the piece of jewellery black over a period of time. You may initially think it's rusting, but it is actually called tarnish.

Although it may look awful when it first happens, it's not the end of the world! Sterling silver has multiple silver layers, so you are able to remove the tarnish and still have another beautiful layer of precious metal underneath. 

Many drugstores have sterling silver cleaner, but you can also bring your jewellery to us if you are more comfortable with a professional cleaning your silver.

  1. Shocking Health Benefits

Who would have thought that wearing sterling silver could bring you health benefits!? Well, it does!

For starters, silver has powerful antimicrobial agents that aids in protecting you from getting sick with the cold or flu. It can also help heal wounds that are already on your body. The antimicrobial agents found in sterling silver also help with skincare.

Not only does silver have antimicrobial agents, but it also can aid in heat regulation and circulation throughout your body.

Don't believe us?

The benefits of silver come from the electrical and thermal conductivity that it produces through positively-charged silver ions. To reap these benefits, all you have to do is wear sterling silver against your skin so it can interact with your body!

Many people also report feeling more balanced and energetic after wearing sterling silver throughout their day.